(10 & OLDER)

Our Adult Program is for women and men ages 12 and up. We study and teach traditional Taekwondo exercises, techniques, patterns, sparring and self defense to persons with all skill levels and physical abilities. Benefits of our program include muscle strength, flexibility, improved cardiovascular capacity and concentration.

Beginner classes are offered three times a week (see class schedule for adult white, yellow, orange belts) and students may attend two of these three classes each week. Regular attendance offers a structured system for promotion (see our belt requirements) and belt advancement tests are conducted every four months to give students a way to see measurable results.

To get started, simply call us at (202) 526-4119 or email us to schedule a complimentary introductory class. You will meet staff and other students, learn more about our facility, review rates and terms — and you’ll participate in a class. Print a guest waiver form and bring it with you, wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and give it a try!